A Community Builder with solid business experience, proven leadership, and a fresh perspective.

Dear friends,

I am running for City Council because of my passion to preserve and enhance our city. Saratoga’s vitality as a dynamic, thriving community should be enhanced and its historic, small town
charm maintained

My goals, if elected, are:
• Promote business vitality in all commercial districts
• Exercise strong oversight of the City’s budget, adopt cost-effective models to ensure efficient
   use of resources
• Preserve an open, safe, clean, green environment
• Leverage resources to develop facilities and services that benefit the whole community
• Build a community

As the legislative body of the City, the Council adopts ordinances, approves budgets and contracts, determines policies and exercises oversight to city governance. I will bring value to the City Council
by offering solid business experience, fresh perspectives, an open mind, strong, and ethical leadership.

I hope to earn your support and endorsement and that you will host coffee sessions, display yard signs, or volunteer in other ways to support my candidacy. Please vote for me.

Emily Lo     

Endorsement Quotes

"Emily is hardworking, level headed , has great ideas and makes things happen in our community. I especially admire and respect her passion, dedication and tireless volunteering in our community."

Terrie Creamer
President, Friends of the Saratoga Libraries
Past President, Saratoga Education Foundation, Redwood PTA. Saratoga High School PTSO

"Emily is sincere, caring, honorable, and able to bridge cultures. She promoted Saratoga’s heritage through activities such as the Mary Brown ‘reunion with John Brown’, and the Heritage Day."

Marilyn White,
Saratoga resident of 55 year, Saratoga Citizen of the Year 1975 Founding member of Saratoga Sister City, Senior Center.

"Emily is dedicated to preserve Saratoga's heritage and tradition. She promoted Saratoga Museum through Lantern Walk and other activities"

Hong Tai
Vice Chair, Heritage Preservation Commission

"Emily will bring intelligence, ability and enthusiasm to the council position. Her forceful personality and charisma can constructively forge our Village’s various demographics into a dynamic, forward looking body"

JR and Cindy Ellis

"I've found Emily to be a pragmatic, insightful leader and problem solver who will listen and carefully consider other opinions. She is also a compassionate, thoughtful person who cares deeply about Saratoga, She is committed to ensuring that Saratoga continues to be a desirable place to live even in the face of economically uncertain times that may severely impact the city budget."

Lisa Liu
Past President, Chi Am Circle Club, Saratoga High School PTSA

"Emily has a solid track record of taking initiative, leading, and getting things done"

Chad Walsh
Trustee, West Valley-Mission Community Colleges

"Emily cares for the school community and is a person of high integrity. When she was the Co-President of the Saratoga High School PTSA, she built bridges and offered great wisdom to me"

Dr. Kevin Skelly
Palo Alto Unified School District Superintendent,
Saratoga High School Past Principal

"Emily is a consensus-builder who knows how to translate talk into action. Her inclusive style and pragmatic approach to problem solving helped reunite and invigorate the Chamber."

Vicki Seelig (President) & Scott Anderson (President-elect)
Saratoga Chamber of Commerce

"Emily´s integrity, intelligence, and enthusiasm are inspiring"!

Charlotte Sparacino

"Emily will be a welcome addition to Saratoga City Council with her leadership, intellect and engaging personality!
Can't wait to vote for her!"

Carolyn Doles

"I have gotten to know and work with Emily, and have seen her hard work at first hand. She is not afraid to jump in and get the ball rolling on events such as the Lantern Walk and the Movie in Wildwood Park."

Denise Goldberg, Vice-Chair Parks and Recreation Commission